The monumental complex of San Salvatore Bastion, which comprises the House of the Master of Justice (also known as the Hangman’s House) and the Salvatore Military Barracks, owned by The Municipality of Lucca, underwent extensive restoration and functional upgrading works over the past three years funded by the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca.

The Municipality of Lucca has entrusted an external body with the public concession for the integrated management of services to the public and promotional activities for the project: “Lucca, the City Walls and the Via Francigena: creation of the Multimedia Visitor Centre of the European Cultural Route with annexed services”.

The overall installation and the multimedia contents at the House of the Master of Justice have been realised thanks to the contribution of the Regional Government of Tuscany with the funds for the operative plan "PAR FAS 2007-2013 – Piano Operativo della via Francigena". The public concession was awarded to a Temporary Group of Enterprises operating at local and national level:

Società Cooperativa Sistema Museo has operated in the field of Cultural Heritage for 25 years to provide services and qualifications. Over the years, the Company’s market-oriented approach has enabled it to grow and consolidate by developing new highly-specialised services. The company’s strengths lie in the professional skills of its members and in its marked entrepreneurial freedom.

ETT S.p.A. is a Digital and Creative Business. By integrating different fields of knowledge and multidisciplinary skills, it deals with technological and cultural innovation, software development and consulting. Established in 2000, today it boasts a vast expertise which make it the leader in a variety of areas of application, in particular: Smart Government, New Media, Research & Innovation, ICT Consulting.

Space S.p.A. is specialised in technological innovation and design of new services for the promotion of cultural heritage. The company’s philosophy is to offer comprehensive services along the whole chain of cultural production and consumption, from consulting to the design and creation of products and services, to customer care.

Idea Società Cooperativa is a company specialised in museum services and cultural promotion. It has operated in the museums and monuments of Lucca since 1996. The Company manages the services to the public for the Museum of the Cathedral, the Museum area of the San Giovanni church and the Cathedral of Lucca. It has a long-running experience in tourism and hospitality activities, guided tours and other teaching activities and management of specialised points of sale.

Il Turista s.r.l. manages a number of cafeterias and restaurants in Tuscany. In particular, it has managed since 1963 the restaurant named after the company located in Pisa, a few metres from Piazza dei Miracoli. Il Turista specialises in catering for groups ant it provides complete support to tour leaders. The Company’s idea of catering is materialised in an offer of dishes with high nutritional value and intrinsic quality to accentuate their authentic flavours.