The sixteenth - century walls of Lucca, excellently preserved, situated near Porta Elisa, the eastern entrance to the city center, house the new complex "Via Francigena ENTRY POINT". It is divided into buildings and spaces recently restored by the Cassa di Risparmio of Lucca Foundation, who wants to offer to the City, the entireTuscany, the traditional slow tourism and the reality of religious pilgrimage, a series of cultural and tourist services, variously organized. Via Francigena Entry Point also intends to highlight the eastern part of the city, with its monuments and cultural identity, also thanks to the user-friendliness of spaces and car parks with a thousand parking spaces available within 200 meters from the complex. In addition to all the activities organized by the Museum and the Casermetta, the Entry Point will provide for appointments, presentations, conferences and other events capable of stimulating the public’s interest and promoting the Via Francigena, Lucca and its territory in all its facets.